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In our lingo? We just get sh*t done. Is Here to Rate Your Mate Is Here to Rate Your Mate

Admit it, when you see couples in which one person is clearly more attractive than the other, the first thought that enters your mind is ‘he/she can do so much better.’ For those of you who get your jollies by judging others, is essentially porn. Blast Apps, a company that designs applications for iPhone, Facebook and Twitter, is re-launching an improved version of the social networking and dating site. allows users to upload pictures of themselves alongside photos of potential suitors and gives others license to evaluate whether or not they’re an appropriate match.

‘We understand singles are searching for quality, not quantity, and increases the odds of finding a suitable dating partner,’ Dino Luzzi, CEO of Blast Applications Inc. said in the company’s press release. Because everyone knows a love interest isn’t quality unless he or she is physically up to snuff, right?

Posted by Abby