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Career Pawsitivity

Career Pawsitivity

Image Source: Pixabay

We all know that the corporate landscape can be a dog-eat-dog type of world. But what you might not know is that having a dog could actually benefit you on your climb up the corporate ladder. According to a new survey, 93% of C-level executives grew up with a pet, whether a dog, cat, bunny, hamster or other companion. And 78% of those execs say that having had a childhood pet contributed to their career success.

Not only is having a pet beneficial for snuggles and unconditional friendship, having a pet offers lessons in responsibility, empathy and creativity. In fact, the survey found that 24% of respondents believe having a pet as a child taught them more valuable lessons than their first internship, and pets also helped C-suite executives develop other leadership skills: discipline, organization and the ability to identify and anticipate business needs.

But don’t worry if you didn’t grow up with a pet; there’s still time to benefit from being a pet owner now! The survey found that current pet owners have better time management, stick to a schedule and are good at multitasking because of their pets. And, pet owners look good in the eyes of their coworkers: 79% think colleagues with pets are hard workers and 80% feel more connected with coworkers who are pet owners.

Lucky for us at marlo marketing, we have Lulu as our office dog, which we all agree comes with plenty of pawsome perks!

Posted by Sylvie