Convergent Dental

Purely Social: Cutting-Edge Technology


In 2013, marlo marketing introduced Convergent Dental’s new FDA-cleared laser, Solea, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, the largest industry convention in the U.S. To build awareness of Solea and drive traffic to the booth at GNYDM as well as at subsequent conferences across the country, marlo was engaged to launch and manage the company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ platforms and populate them with newsworthy content and engaging thought leadership designed to attract the attention of busy dental professionals.


In order to reach a niche target audience of dental industry professionals, we first researched which social channels would be most effective. Next, we created appropriate content for each of the channels prior to the shows, as well as in real time from the show floor.  Our content included photo albums, creative discussion of company milestones, executive spotlights, press highlights, early adopter usage reports and other Solea key differentiators. We suggested and implemented paid campaigns to further enhance our efforts, while cross-promoting content across all platforms. Finally, we identified and followed all KOLs across event platforms and monitored for relevant industry conversations on a daily basis in order to find conversations into which the company could positively contribute.


The marlo team built an engaged following on social media that played a huge part in driving booth traffic at the dental conferences Convergent attended. Starting with 0 likes and 0 followers, the Convergent pages gained 610 Likes on Facebook and 151 Followers on Twitter in 90 days amongst an extremely targeted audience prior to any in-person engagement at the GNYDM. Following our initial organic build, we implemented a 30-day Facebook advertising campaign, gaining an additional 322 Likes and reaching 7,507 people with a total budget of $280. Our population and real-time engagement from the show floor created further buzz and a sense of real-time urgency, making the Convergent booth one of the busiest and driving extensive trial of the Solea by dentists from across the country.