Dermelect Cosmeceuticals

Breaking Thru The Clutter


The marketplace for beauty brands is notoriously crowded. Competing against the budgets of worldwide conglomerates, securing retail shelf space and attracting the consumer’s attention is a challenge that many small brands struggle to overcome. Dermelect Cosmeceuticals was one such small brand, available only online. Further, the confusion behind communicating the ingredients and efficacy of cosmecutical products only added to the challenge. Dermelect sought our help in showcasing the brand’s cutting edge ingredients and increasing web traffic and online sales.


Breaking through the competition to get to beauty editors, especially with limited budgets for OOP expenses, is extremely challenging. In collaboration with our client’s desired positioning, we branded the line as the “everywoman’s cosmeceutical” and went about thinking how we could communicate that most effectively and inexpensively.  In the simplest of terms, our foundational materials highlighted how each product offered a targeted solution for the face and body; coupled with our initial editor outreach, which consisted of a sleek hand vacuum designed to represent “clearing the clutter of cosmeceutical confusion,” we succeeded in securing the attention of the most influential beauty bloggers and editors in the U.S.

Over time, we continued to introduce new product line extensions as well as an entirely new hand/nail category, which we worked closely with our client during the R&D phase to offer guidance on coming trends that could be maximized for future coverage. We continued to pitch the various products using creative yet cost-effective media mailers, thoughtful positioning and persistently pleasant media outreach.


Our secured placements not only increased Dermelect’s product sales and visitor numbers, but helped to elevate the brand’s reputation & awareness within a highly saturated marketplace. They were featured in a consistent mix of traditional media outlets including Real Simple, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Self, Prevention, New York Times, in trade outlets such as New Beauty, Women’s Wear Daily, Beauty Launchpad and in influential beauty blogs such as Hey Dollface, The Coveted, Beauty Barbie Blog and many more. With the backing of strong third-party editorial and positive reviews, our client successfully landed new partnerships with retailers like Takaskimaya NY and C.O. Bigelow and, according to the CEO, almost all of the brand’s online orders were driven via media exposure.

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