Hair Club

Reviving a Dated Brand


Most of us likely recall the notorious 1980s ‘before and after’ infomercials starring entrepreneur Sy Sperling and his famous tagline, “I’m not just the Hair Club president, but I’m also a client.” And while being forever burned in the memories of TV viewers can be a good thing for brands, it can present certain challenges as well. In the case of Hair Club, that challenge was trying to convince consumers that while those commercials may be dated, the company is just the opposite.

Originally serving a strictly male clientele, Hair Club locations across the U.S. today also offer services for females and even children, through the Hair Club for Kids charity program.

In time for the company’s 35th Anniversary in 2010, marlo was engaged to break through the stigma associated with the brand — and with the topic of hair loss in general — in order to secure top-level media placements to effectively and accurately promote the brand story to mainstream consumers.


We recognized the importance of offering the media a firsthand education to properly communicate the sophisticated and advanced nature of Hair Club’s services. To drive this process, we employed a variety of different strategies designed to communicate directly to each of the company’s individual audience segments, including deskside meetings, surveys, roundtable educational lunch sessions, earned media maximization of paid advertising/promotions, site visits/demos, and client testimonials to both national and local media outlets across the U.S.  In addition, we worked to identify and leverage the newsworthy and timely elements of the Hair Club brand , such as strategic brand partnerships, women’s hair loss issues, Hair Club for Kids success stories, media trial of Hair Club services, and Sy Sperling himself.


In 2011 we successfully secured a number of high-level media placements that resulted in increased brand awareness and drove new business inquiries. Ranging from prominent business profiles in The Wall Street JournalEntrepreneur and New York Times, to lifestyle features on TODAY Show and Good Morning America, our PR results accurately conveyed the current brand image and spoke to the company’s diverse client demographics. Further, a media trial of hair restoration surgery that began in 2013 resulted in a six-page spread in the January 2015 issue of GQ magazine.

To date, the press results achieved garnered more than 450 million earned media impressions and equaled roughly $4.5 million dollars in editorial value.

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