Kennebunkport Resort Collection


The largest hospitality group in Kennebunkport, Maine, the Kennebunkport Resort Collection (KRC) is a diverse group of eight upscale hotels and seven restaurants. Despite positive national coverage, they had been unsuccessful in securing consistent coverage within their own backyard — the important drive markets of New England, Connecticut and New York. They had even gone so far as to create a broader Destination Kennebunkport brand that was represented by its own website and designed to drive traffic to the town and, in turn, their properties. They came to marlo in an attempt to not only increase regional coverage of their hotels, restaurants and key staff, but also to position Kennebunkport as a fun-filled getaway any time of year, particularly during the non-summer, off-season months.


Recognizing that KRC outlets do not live in a vacuum, but as a part of the greater Kennebunkport experience, it was important that all of our work be looked at through a bigger lens. So, in addition to developing comprehensive media materials on each of the KRC’s properties, we also researched and wrote materials on behalf of Kennebunkport as a destination in and of itself. Under the auspices of the KRC-owned Destination Kennebunkport brand, we created documents on Kennebunkport dining, weddings, wellness, adventure, the arts, and classic Maine tourist, all incorporating the KRC properties as appropriate.

Through a combination of individual press visits, coordinated off-season FAM trips (spring and winter), creative mailers and targeted outreach efforts, we were able to secure a steady stream of coverage that highlighted the KRC properties in broader Kennebunkport-driving coverage.


Significant ongoing media coverage in regional outlets including Boston Herald, Boston, Hartford Courant, The Boston Globe, New England Monthly, Northshore magazine, New England Monthly, Worcester Telegram, Yankee Magazine, Albany Times Union, SOCO.

During the winter off-season months, KRC properties revenues stayed equal, while almost all of their competition was down. More importantly, revenues in the shoulder season period of April – June 2015 increased significantly over years’ prior.

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