Narragansett Beer

Bringing Back a Beloved Beer Brand


Narragansett Beer, New England’s historic regional brewer and the one time beer of the Boston Red Sox, was relaunched in 2005 — decades after it had been sold to a Midwest beer conglomerate, diminishing the once beloved beer’s reputation. Now known as “Nasty Narry,” the brand was in dire need of a brand repositioning. marlo marketing oversaw a full-scale media and events campaign to reeducate consumers and once again establish the brand as a regional favorite.


To relaunch and reposition the brand, marlo marketing developed a strategic media relations campaign aimed at relevant outlets on the local, regional and national levels. By positioning Narragansett as Rhode Island’s signature brewery, sharing growth figures, brand milestones and information on ‘Gansett’s ongoing creative new SKUs (Bock, Cream Ale, Summer Ale, Imperial IPAs, Porter, Jaws Anniversary Can, Private Stock, Bohemian Pils, Del’s Shandy, Autocrat, Lovecraft, Big Mamie, etc.), marlo has succeeded in keeping the media pipeline constantly full. marlo has also developed out-of-the-box event initiatives to create unique news angles that have helped to maintain a consistent level of brand exposure, e.g., “Official Beer of the Clam,” Millionth Case Celebration, 125th Anniversary Celebration.


Since 2006, Narragansett has experienced an average 31% year over year growth, is now available in more than 4,200 bars and restaurants across the country and has successfully expanded beyond New England to NY, NJ, PA, D.C, NC, FL, DE, WI, OR, TN and SC. Narragansett is the 5th largest New England based craft brewery and ranks among the top 40 U.S. craft brewers. Media placements have ranged from national business and lifestyle outlets (Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, MAXIM, Inc., Associated Press, Men’s Health), to broadcast (TODAY, FOX Business, NECN, ABC), to major online sites (Bloomberg, Huffington Post, UrbanDaddy, CNBC,, to regional print (The Boston Globe, Providence Journal, Portland Press Herald, The New York Times, metro NY, The Miami Herald) and more.


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