Paint Nite

Growing a Local Event into a National Phenomenon


Paint Nite hosts events in local bars and restaurants where attendees receive step-by-step painting instruction from a professional artist while they socialize with their friends, eat and drink. At the end of the evening, participants leave with a completed painting and a sense of creative accomplishment and the hosting venues are happy to have earned additional revenue on their slower nights.

The company launched in March 2012 throughout the city of Boston by selling discounted tickets on group discount sites such as Groupon. At the time, the concept of social painting was virtually unknown to most people. While a handful of brick-and-mortar establishments existed, Paint Nite’s “nomadic” business model was unique to the marketplace.

A year later, the founders came to marlo marketing when they were ready to expand into 18 new cities across the country and sought to increase revenue by driving participants to buy tickets directly on their website instead of through the group discount sites. Also, even after a year in the Boston market, the social painting concept remained virtually unknown. The founders realized that they needed to increase awareness of social painting and Paint Nite in the 18 markets they were launching in, as well as position the brand as the leader in the space at a national level before a copycat launched with stronger marketing resources.


  • Define the new concept of “social painting” and identify unique angles to appeal to a variety of audiences and media outlets (e.g., date night suggestions, bachelorette party ideas).
  • Advance local media campaigns in each new market to secure widespread coverage for Paint Nite prior to launch, piquing interest, driving attendance and generating post-event coverage.
  • Develop message training and PR toolkits to empower local market artists to serve as brand ambassadors/spokespeople.
  • Drive national awareness of the business concept/entrepreneurial founders in order to position as first to market.


We have secured hundreds of placements for Paint Nite in local, regional and national markets across the U.S. and Canada, in print, online and broadcast. Today, Paint Nite is the undisputed leader in the social painting space, hosting 4,600 events in 1,450 cities every month, drawing 160,000+ people. They have 2.1 MM+ website users and have experienced 400% year over year growth since launch.



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