Pretzel Crisps

Taking Ownership of National Snack Seasons


Snack Factory, maker of Pretzel Crisps, the original flat pretzel cracker, has tasked marlo marketing with introducing a steady stream of new products to both consumer and trade audiences since 2014. In an increasingly cluttered snack category, marlo has successfully generated buzz and sales for the brand’s top innovations including its first ever gluten-free line.


To differentiate Pretzel Crisps in a crowded category, we’ve focused on the brand’s unique flavors, proprietary recipes and better-for-you snack benefits to tie into popular consumption occasions and key selling seasons. By conducting strategic media outreach and developing creative product mailers, we’ve successfully targeted top media outlets to create interest during key snacking occasions including Hollywood award show season, back-to-school, holiday entertaining and more. We’ve also supplemented earned media coverage with strategically timed paid opportunities including satellite media tours, seasonal mat releases and high profile sampling executions and stunt activations at top industry trade shows. A steady stream of influencer seeding, consumer and press sampling events, recipe development and blogger partnerships ensures that Pretzel Crisps stays top of mind all year long.


On behalf of Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, marlo has secured more than 340 million impressions in top print, online and broadcast outlets since 2014. We’ve also coordinated more than 30 consumer and trade sampling events which have enabled us to directly engage with media, bloggers and celebrities. Along the way, Pretzel Crisps officially became America’s #1 Pretzel according to Nielsen’s 2014 Food Survey and continues to stand out in the better for you snack category.



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