Taking Provincetown to the Dogs


When we began working with the Visitor Services Board for the town of Provincetown in 2008, we were charged with positioning the town as a destination for a wide range of audiences and interests, driving visitation year-round, and securing substantial results on a limited budget. In addition, as is the case with many small towns, many personalities and competing interests existed. We had to figure out how to be successful across a variety of channels while at the same time let each of the various constituencies feel that they were being heard.


In order to position Provincetown as a place with something for everyone, we identified press-worthy categories based on the town’s strongest differentiators, including: dining, arts, environment, family, LGBT, history, off-season, on a shoestring, outdoor, pet-friendly and shopping. We utilized basic media outreach tools including detailed press materials on all, pitching specific events and FAM trips to share the client’s message with relevant audiences. Only one of those categories, however was something pretty much the entire town could get behind — their dogs — so we focused a significant amount of work positioning Provincetown as a pet-friendly destination.


In addition to local, regional and national coverage focused on Provincetown’s various offerings, we also made sure that Provincetown was included in any pet-friendly surveys or contests. Our nomination of  Provincetown as DogTown USA in Dog Fancy magazine’s quest to find “America’s Most Dog-Friendly City” resulted in a win when Provincetown was named DogTown USA 2010. This award helped us to secure additional pet-friendly travel features in Dog Fancy, FIDO Friendly, USA Today, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and others. Most importantly, as a result of our work over a four-year period (2008 – 2012) during the economic downturn, Provincetown’s room tax revenue was off less than 5%, compared to other Cape Cod towns that were off as much as 30%.

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