Zoo New England

Every Visitor Has a PerZOOnality


In developing Zoo New England’s promotional campaign for the 2014 summer season at Franklin Park Zoo in Boston and Stone Zoo in Stoneham, we were faced with the challenge of having no new exhibit or overarching theme requiring specific promotion, yet they still needed a compelling visual and message that would drive attendance during these key months. Education of the zoo’s mission and animals is an evergreen goal, and, in addition, they wanted to increase their social media activity as a way to further engage with the public and spread the word about both zoos.


We first created a unique season campaign headline and theme (“Come Find Your PerZOOnality”) which invites viewers to compare their own human personality to a zoo animal’s personality, as well as introduces a new way to anthropomorphize the animals.

We then designed a multi-media ad campaign to highlight the personality of animals at each zoo. The campaign featured a bright color palette that would pop when posted in various environments (billboards, transit, social platforms).

To tie it all together, we secured www.perzoonality.com and developed an interactive quiz for visitors to compare their personality and preferences with those of various zoo animals. To encourage viral exposure, the website allowed visitors to share their results on their social platforms.


Our work successfully engaged with the Zoo’s target audience, enabled the Zoo to broaden their reach and impact, and generated a lot of positive feedback. Notable results include:

  • 13,440 people took the PerZOOnality quiz from June 1, through August 31, 2014.
  • 300+ new email addresses were collected in 3 months from the sign-up form on the quiz, enabling the Zoo to continue to build their market base for future promotions and outreach.
  • The campaign won an American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA and a Bell Ringer Award from Publicity Club of New England.
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