Cast of Vices

Always on the lookout for great gift-giving options, a friend just turned me on to a new site featuring a hysterical jewelry line — Cast of Vices. Scan through the site’s scrolling display to find sterling silver and 14k gold chains elegantly adorned with cast renditions of cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps, bugs and drug paraphernalia. At first I laughed and shrugged it off as a simple novelty, but now the collection is growing on me. Isn’t that ironic…I’m getting hooked on a self-medication jewelry line! Drug of choice: the gold Vicodin pendant. In the words of Cast of Vice’s designers, “When our Rome falls these will be our remains: cigarette butts, pills, bottle caps, and coke bags. The fly is a reminder of the stend of our addictions…” What a lovely sentiment…

You can only get these at a few shops in the US at this point…nearest for me is Oak in NYC, though if anyone’s headed to Detroit anytime soon, the Museum of Contemporary Art stocks Cast of Vices, too!

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