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Cat Country, or, Calling it Now, YouTuber Beth Ann Will One Day Get Brutally Mauled.

Cat Country, or, Calling it Now, YouTuber Beth Ann Will One Day Get Brutally Mauled.

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While it’s safe to say people have done stupid things from the beginning of time, it is also safe to say that the advent of social media has made those stupid things way more fun for the rest of us. (I mean, think about it, if a stiletto clad drunk chick face plants on a Jersey Shore boardwalk and no one’s there to Vine it…does it really happen?) Since I live in a city, one of my favorite types of stranger idiocy is of the stranger + wild animal variety. People who live in the woods/’burbs near the woods need to make their own entertainment, and I’ll be damned if they don’t do a good job. #Props to all my country folk.

Behold, for example, the lovely Beth Ann Colebourne. Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Beth Ann is a fairly inactive You Tube user (she had 3 vids) who encountered a beautiful wild lynx outside of her local nail salon. Her next move? Call to it, “here, kitty kitty” style, as though it were her beloved pet. After that, she uploads the vid, brands it with the click bait title “CRAZY GIRL FOLLOWS WILD LYNX,” and voila, 21,457 views and counting.

The video, which you can check out below, has been written up everywhere from her local papers to Mashable, and now, (Hey Beth Ann, this is how far you’ve made it!).

Further, she has since uploaded a new video called “I CHASE A BEAR FROM KIDS CROSSWALK.”

Okay, so three things:
1. Let’s reflect on the use of the phrase “wild lynx.” Wild. Lynx. Is there any other kind? Have they been domesticated and no one told us? Can I get one at the MSPCA? Is the real joke on all of us.
2. Do they have crosswalks just for kids in Canada? Are adults not allowed? Canada, why you so crazy?!?!
3. Stay safe out there, Beth Ann.

Posted by Erin K