#CatBand – It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

Apparently musically inclined felines are “a thing” right now– you heard all about metal cats, kitties with metal head parents posing for the camera. I must say I’m a huge fan of the contrast between fluffy four-legged-friends and their tatted up hardcore owners. Talk about showing off your soft side.

So while we’re on the topic of musical kitties – I feel it is my obligation to tell you about #catband. What happens when you strum your kitty like a ukulele? Or put your cat’s tail in your mouth and mimic a bag pipe? Most cats would know not to stick around to endure such a game – but apparently there are obedient cats that do not mind doubling as an instrument for Internet entertainment.

catImage source Instagram

Search #catband on Instagram and you’ll stumble on cats being played like bongos, bagpipes, keyboards, you name it. Check out some of the best #catband videos I found – my personal favorites being bagpipe and trombone, but honestly, they’re all pretty damn awesome. Stayed tuned for when I try this with my kitten, and sorry Marlo if I have to take some time off because I was mauled attempting to play my cat like a French Accordion.

Think I’m making up this trend? Read more about it on Time.com, there’s even a whole Tumblr dedicated to #catband.

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