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Cats: Cute or Creepy? marlo marketing

Cats: Cute or Creepy?

Image Source: Universal via Metro

The new Cats trailer came out recently and, as expected, people are going bonkers. “Is it cute?” “Is it creepy?” “Who cares, Cats is coming to the big screen!” Well, from the trailer we know one thing for certain — J-Hud can belt “Memories” and send chills straight down your spine. But what we can’t tell from the trailer is whether the film is live-action or CGI (computer generated).

The answer is actually a little bit of both. The star-studded cast, including Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Idris Elba, Jason Derulo and more, wore special “motion capture suits” to allow the VFX team to create more cat-like appearances. Filmmakers then used a special “digital fur technology” in order to add fur to the actors and make their faces more cat-like.

On the other hand, the scenes were mostly shot on live-action sets. They were built to portray an accurate view of the world from a cat’s perspective. Tables, chairs, rooms and more are at least ten times the size they normally are. Take a look at the behind the scenes video; it’s super impressive and looks like a real life scene out of Toy Story, or a giant playground made for adults.

However, it looks like the filmmakers missed the mark on this one. The internet seems to find the part-feline, part-human cats more disturbing and distracting than innovative and realistic. Some critics are even predicting it to be among the biggest CGI disasters in cinematic history. Now, I’m not a cat person myself so I can’t promise I’ll go see this rendition on the big screen, but I’m fairly confident my vote sways more toward creepy than cute. Maybe I’ll just have to wait until it’s in theaters to give it a chance; but in the meantime, thank god for Twitter memes, amiright?!

Posted by Kiersten