Celebs on Sandwiches

They say chefs should cook what they love, writers should write what they know, artists should paint what they see… well I guess this guy (or gal) is seeing visions of sandwiches and celebrities. (I’ll have what he/she is having, please.)

The artist behind the Instagram account “Celebs on Sandwiches” is churning out custom prints of famous people standing, sitting, crouching, lounging and “Captain Morgan-ing” on top of various sandwiches from the classic grilled cheese to a more progressive option like the hummus wrap.

Need a whimsical piece of artwork for your house or apartment? The unknown painter offers prints and custom work through the Instagram account! Currently emailing now about a custom Single Ladies Beyonce on a Pizza Popper… Check out some of my favorites below:

Image Source Celebs on Sandwiches

Image Source Celebs on Sandwiches

Image Source Celebs on Sandwiches


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