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Cell Phone Crashing

Cell Phone Crashing

Few things are more annoying than being in a public place and someone talking loudly on the phone next to you. I know we’re all guilty of it: the “quick waiting room phone call,” the “try to whisper on the T while talking to your boyfriend call,” the “sitting on the couch with your friends but still answer your dad’s call call” – ya know, those types of situations.

Personally, I’m a serial “call my mom while I’m walking kind of girl,” but that’s neither here nor there. For those who want to take a stand and boycott the obnoxious loud public cell phone talker I bring you: “Cell Phone Crashing.”

Greg Benson of MedicoreFilms has come up with a hilarious solution to this. How do you make someone realize they’re annoying you? Prank them, of course. The act of cell phone crashing is when you sit next to the perpetrator and pretend to have your own conversation on the phone, but really you just respond to what the person sitting next to you is saying.

Peep the video below to see the reactions he gets. Some people catch on more quickly than others, and other participants do not seem amused at all. Kind of makes me want to try this out next time I’m on the 9 bus home….


Posted by Nina