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ChatRoulette: Let the Games Begin!

ChatRoulette: Let the Games Begin!

I could talk to a brick wall…common responses to my ramblings include, “Are you talking to me?”, “WHAT are you talking about?”, “Are you still talking?”, “Who are you even talking to?!”. Needless to say, I have an unlimited calling plan…on a side note, I have an annoying habit where I have to walk while talking on the phone, literally I’ll do laps around a table if necessary…hmm, here I go rambling. Back to the point…ChatRoulette…can you say weird and creepy (and kind of the funniest thing ever)!

Sign on (must have webcam) and immediately you are greeted with a completely random screen display of a stranger, live on camera. You see them, they see you and the convos begin. Or they don’t…the ‘Next’ button whisks you to another random individual. Live webcams and face-to-face, 1on1 (albeit computer-driven) interactions — oh the possibilities!!! You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Some wear masks, others wear nothing at all, some hold up signs and sketch portraits, while others jerk off and flash their TaTas.

New York magazine’s Sam Anderson did a great piece early in February asking, “Is it the Future of the Internet or Its Distant Past?”. Anderson’s read on it…ChatRoulette is the Wild Wild West of the 2.0 world, eliminating any controls for sorting, searching or refining and instead steering us back to a place of complete chaos…Internet BC. That being true, it is difficult to imagine ChatRoulette serving any real or useful function aside from providing frivolous entertainment for bored, computer-bound souls (having tried it out, it is indeed a wacky experience). Though, a few celebs have apparently signed on to the delight of their fans — there’s one cool application. And, let’s not dismiss the profit-potential in the porn industry. The skanks and perverts who’ve already latched onto ChatRoulette represent an interesting opportunity. Get ChatRoulette platforms on sites such as ManHunt — start first with an organized, member-base site and then introduce the random video-chat feature within a more defined group.

So there you have it — ChatRoulette, good for celebs and sex-addicts…ahem Mr. Woods, wanna chat?

Posted by Sam