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Image Source: New York Magazine 

Cat videos have been around since the dawn of the internet. Who doesn’t love them? In 2015, people scaring their cats with cucumbers became a viral internet video phenomenon. I even recall contemplating sneaking up behind my cat and planting the veggie while she was eating, just to see how high she would jump. Then I remembered that A. my cat would probably kill me in my sleep and B. purposely terrifying a pet, who trusts me to take good care of her, is cruel. Who would do something like that? Apparently, tens of thousands of people on the internet, interested in gaining likes at the expense of their beloved housecats. Luckily, as is the case with all viral videos, the trend eventually died down and cats are safe to eat their breakfasts in peace, without fear of being surprised by cucumbers.

Recently, however, another viral video trend has emerged, and it’s arguably even more heinous than cats vs. cucumbers. People are now throwing slices of cheese in babies faces just to catch their reactions on video, which they post to social media and then get mad when people question the quality of their parenting. After watching about ten of these videos I can honestly say I don’t see the appeal. They’re just not funny. If anything, you can’t help but feel bad for the poor infant who, usually strapped in a highchair or some other sort of movement-inhibiting device, is cornered and then attacked with a Kraft Single. I’m sure this trend will go the way of the cucumber cat videos by the end of the week, but the real question for parents everywhere: why did this become a trend in the first place?

Posted by Catherine