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Childhood Reenactment

Childhood Reenactment

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A few years ago, my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary, and my sister, brother and I struggled with the perfect present to help honor this occasion. Our parents are pretty simple and humble and have always refused to accept presents from us three kids. They’ve always said that they prefer handmade cards and something small from the heart, which means that as a 27 year-old, I’m still drawing pathetically un-artistic birthday and anniversary cards with my lack of adequate art supplies. They’ve received many cards composed of computer paper from work, post-its, biz cards, and highlighters.

So we decided it would be sentimental to create something that symbolized what they love – us, of course! We have a family favorite photo from 1994, dubbed the “angel” photo, with the three of us wearing white and me and my sister cradling our infant brother between us and looking at him oh so lovingly. The reenactment nearly 20 years later was not as loving. Try holding your “baby” brother when he’s now 6 inches taller than you with lanky limbs. Macgyver-ing a camera propped precariously on a bookshelf with a self-timer was also not successful.

Needless to say, we ditched the idea and took them out to dinner. If only we had seen this awesome post of adults recreating their classic childhood photos, maybe we would’ve had more inspiration (although some of these are exceedingly awkward and not so much cute…). Well, there’s always their 50th anniversary!

Posted by Amanda