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Chill Out and Nidra

Chill Out and Nidra

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While we just wrapped up the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the most stressful time of the year. After all of the party-going and shopping, you may feel as if you want to curl up in a ball now that January’s arrived. Last month, I was going to a plethora of workout classes to help combat the food comas and hangovers, but I just stumbled upon something new that I think everyone will appreciate.

You’ve probably heard of bikram and vinyasa yoga, but have you heard of nidra? It sounds like an unbelievable way to relax and calm your mind. Through a form of intense meditation, you relax the body and enter a state of enlightenment and relaxation. Yoga instructor Hilary Jackendoff says that, “Yoga nidra helps to regulate the sleep cycle and lower blood pressure and release anxiety.” Sign. Me. Up.

Since yoga classes can get expensive and I like to be a homebody during these cold winter months, I found a great alternative to attending a nidra class. YouTube has nidra recordings so that you can experience it for yourself at home! Do your roommate, your loved one, and your parents a favor…nidra.


Posted by Allie