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Chinning: An Introduction

Chinning: An Introduction

Image source: Instagram

We spend a lot of time on our computers here at marlo marketing. Whether its connecting with clients, perfecting a pitch or scheduling media briefings – our team is always busy and always working to be the best publicists in the game. Sometimes, though – clickbait wins. And, in this case I’m not even mad about it.

During my daily news scans recently, I clicked on something, then something else and found myself reading Mic. [PSA: If you don’t read Mic daily I recommend you check it out – the publication does an awesome job at giving voice to critical news stories from modern and diverse perspectives.] OK, back to my story. I had stumbled upon an article featuring a young woman by the name of Michelle Liu. Ms. Liu has recently found herself instafamous by snapping selfies in the most picturesque places around the world. That’s NOT why she is famous, though. Michelle has chosen to take said photos while distorting her face, a process she calls “chinning.” See I wasn’t lying, it is a thing!

Having started the page in 2016 while studying abroad in Vienna, Michelle shared with Mic that she has “been chinning for years now,” and that her “chinning entertained friends all through middle school, high school and college, at which point she decided to share my chin with the world.” What I love most about this chick is that her message is simple – see the world and be hilarious and comfortable in your own skin while you do it. While I will continue to pose with a skinny arm, it’s always nice to be reminded that people will love us regardless of how we appear on social media.

Now immediately head to @chinventures for a good laugh and to see where Michelle has been lately!

Posted by Cait