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Choke It Down

Choke It Down

I have to admit, when my friend Kate first made reference to the pediatric health debate over slapping a “choking hazard,” warning label on hot dogs, I laughed out loud and the room erupted in jokes regarding strategically placed tattoos offering the same precaution. However, after doing a little more research (yes I understand this is old news…but it’s new to me!) I began to see the other side of the argument; a hot dog really is the perfect shape to clog up an esophagus. Though the easy solution would be to reinforce those classic etiquette rules about chewing ten times before swallowing, you know kids these days…a slurpable tube is the new spoon for godsakes!

So yes, I’d be fine if I saw “choking hazard” on my footlong (though I’d still laugh about the tattoo joke). However, the one thing I’m NOT fine with is actually reshaping a hot dog to prevent kids from choking. I remember as a child, my father trying to argue that it was fine that we were out of hot dog buns and I could make a sandwich out of it by cutting it up on sliced bread – nasty! Some things just shouldn’t be messed with. Anyway, I digress…

To all the hot dog makers, print the warning and avoid the lawsuit. To all the parents, I was taught you learn lessons the hard way…’nuff said. Now on a different note…did you know there was a National Hot Dog & Sausage Council?!   Happy Hot Dog month!

Posted by Sam