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Blonde-Lashed Tomboys, Take Note!

Blonde-Lashed Tomboys, Take Note!

I have a shocking revelation to… uh, reveal. I am not a girly-girl at heart. While I do enjoy dressing up and going out from time to time, looking glamorous has rarely been a priority in my life. My “makeup regimen” over the years has been most likely to consist of black circles beneath my eyes from working too many hours, oil paint under my fingernails from art school classes and a light coat of sunscreen to keep my fair skin from deep-frying while walking almost everywhere!

Still, as I’ve grown older I’ve begrudgingly acknowledged that makeup can improve a look when used wisely. Yet, without a big sister around to teach me all of those girl-life-lessons early on, I’ve had to rely on luck, Cosmo and trial and error to figure out what works for me. Powder was easy, foundation barely a step further (it was kind of like applying paint, after all). Blush was a snap, lipstick a mere step beyond chapstick and nail polish… well, the nail polish all came off when I was rinsing my paint brushes in turpentine so I figured it wasn’t worth the bother. But mascara… man, mascara was just a nightmare. Even an occasional contact-wearer like four-eyed moi couldn’t master it. My fine, blonde lashes just became a goopy, gunky mess. One blink and everything was everywhere. But without it, those blonde lashes just disappeared altogether. What to do?

Enter one of my favorite brands, known for their kindness to sensitive-skin-chickies everywhere: Neutrogena. Yes, they make hypoallergenic moisturizers and sunscreens and cleansers, oh my! But they also make a small, conservative line of makeup products. If you poke and prod carefully through that tiny section of Targét, you will find the best thing EVER: Neutrogena Clean Lash Tint. It is not a mascara, oh no. Well… it is, kind of. But a very, very thin mascara, sort of a cross between mascara and non-permanent dye. It goes on quickly and easily, never clumps, lasts all day and washes off with just a splash or two of water. If you do screw up the application, a damp Q-tip cleans off any stray marks in a heartbeat. The tube lasts quite a while (usually about 3-4 months for me) and costs an economical $7 or so. It also works great as a top coat to help separate clumps from a volumizing mascara when a more dramatic look is in order!

Clean Lash Tint won’t thicken, lengthen, make you irresistible to the opposite sex or work other minor miracles, but it does do exactly what it says it does: it tints your lashes. It is a blonde-lashed tomboy’s BEST option for making those long invisible lashes magically reappear. And it passed the best test of all — I did my duty as the big sister and told my equally tomboy-esque, blonde-lashed youngest sister all about it. Her verdict: she will never fear mascara again!

Posted by Jen