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Click, Purchase, Repeat!

Click, Purchase, Repeat!

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Hello, my name is Jenna Llewellyn and I have a deep, gnawing addiction to Amazon Prime. I have my good days, which generally consist of a light order of Swiffer cloths, eyebrow tweezers, Columbian French Roast and a much-needed role of tin foil, for example. Then, there are the dark days, which usually culminate with my mildly paranoid and patently suspicious landlord asking me what I could possibly be building in the apartment with the contents of the boxes left at my attention over the course of the day (a very clean, caffeinated and well-groomed robot, if you must know).

I came to the realization that my online purchasing fanaticism had to stop when it hit me that it would be quite possible to order everything one would need to survive without ever leaving the house – cue horrific and hyperbolic thoughts of my future as an agoraphobic hoarder. Shudder. The addiction itself understandably stems from the amount of ease associated with clicking two buttons and getting whatever your heart desires shipped lickity-split straight into your lazy lap.  Don’t get me wrong, Amazon Prime is a beautiful blessing if you are a country bumpkin and live 30 minutes away from the nearest CVS. But when you live in one of the largest, tightly packed and convenient cities like Manhattan, ordering a 6-pack of TP from a warehouse in Iowa instead of simply running downstairs to the convenience store next door is just SAD.

So, while I won’t be canceling my Prime Membership anytime soon (organic bee pollen is hard to find in stores, OK?), I will be making a more concerted effort to visit my friendly neighborhood bookstores, coffee shops and bodegas for all my weekly wants/haves/needs. It feels good to support small businesses and hey, you never know who you might meet out there running errands! So, now it’s your turn – could you go a week without the ease of the online click, purchase, repeat?

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