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Coca-Cola to Create Trés Chic Beverages?

Coca-Cola to Create Trés Chic Beverages?

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With concerns of sugar content in beverages on the rise, it’s rumored that Coca-Cola is partnering with Sanofi (a pharmaceutical company) to create a new line of beauty beverages tailored to the trés chic people of France. Coca-Cola has declined to comment, but the business unit in Paris announced that they plan to sell the beauty bevies during a “limited” and “small scale pilot” within the country. Talk about the perfect place to test-market this puppy – France is chalk-full of beautiful, age-conscious citizens!

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola in France successfully introduced Sprite with stevia, a natural sweetener that has no calories. So, what exactly will this new line have to offer? Sanofi specializes in nutrition and beauty supplements that apparently combat hair loss and prevent anti-aging, so I’m speculating this drink will be full of similar supplements. According to reports, the four drinks will consist of fruit juice, mineral water and nutritional additives.

Hmmm…sounds oddly like sugar water ++ to me. Would you try this beautiful beverage? Although I would like to consider myself immune to marketing gimmicks such as this, I’d be willing to try it…as long as I paired it with an extra-long Parisian baguette!

Posted by Carolyn