Cold as Ice

I am an anxious person. Taking the crowded T every day is a struggle for me because I hate feeling claustrophobic and trapped. When the T stops for long periods of time and I don’t know if I will make it out, I legitimately freak out and have to practice my meditative breathing exercises. I like to be in control, have an escape route planned out and never feel like I am confined. Yes – I know, I have issues.

I recently came across a video of Johanna Nordbland freediving under a frozen lake. It is safe to say I legit starting having symptoms of a panic attack as I watched, I kid you not. Johanna cuts through the ice to make a tiny little triangular hole and, without an oxygen tank, swim underneath a layer of thick ice. Not to mention, she does all of this alone in the middle of nowhere without anyone there to keep an eye on her.

As freaking crazy as this is, it is also quite beautiful and hypnotizing to observe. As you watch, listen to Johanna’s narrative as she explains what she feels and why she does it. Although I can’t say it is something I will ever do in my life (EVER) props to this fearless chick who is more badass than anyone I know!


Post by Ally A.

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