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College Humor

College Humor, a website that specializes in stupid pranks, quirky videos, and showcasing sexy single ladies, is now a show on MTV. The College Humor Show can be best described as a reality show infused with fiction… hmm.

I remember College Humor well. I went to Syracuse University and lived with 2 guys for my junior and senior year. Scott and Brad were like my brothers (still are) and frequent visitors to the College Humor site. Brad would call me in his room to check out some hilarious video or disgusting photo and I would eventually be laughing hysterically.

I love the celebrity-inspired news items that College Humor posts on their site. The Pop Culture Cliffs Notes include items like:

ATTENTION, ALL READERS.  This is an important announcement. Kelly Clarkson is NOT gay.  She wants you to know that.  I mean, no one was really talking about it, Kel, but now that you mention it, you do seem pretty gay.  Thanks for clearing that up!

Pictures leaked on the internet this week of Miley Cyrus and her friends being racist.  While The Organization of Chinese Americans is pissed, her best friend Leslie says ‘oh she’s just being Miley’.  Plus, it’s totally fine.  There’s an Asian kid there and he said it’s cool.

Pictures also leaked this week of Olympic hero and fish-man Michael Phelps smoking a bong.  I don’t know why everyone is so up in arms about this, it’s not like it’s going to influence ohmygodgetmeabongimmediatelyitmightmakemeswimlikeadolphin.

The gossip blogs were aflame this week over Jessica Simpson’s apparent weight gain, and everyone from  Ashlee to Pete Wentz to Kim Kardashian is speaking up in her defense.  Which is great.  I know when I’m embarrassed about something, I love when my friends keep bringing it up.

Hilary Duff and Faye Dunaway are in a catfight over the remake of Bonnie and Clyde, as Hilary has been cast in Faye’s original role.  Faye basically said Duff wasn’t a real actress, and Duff retaliated with a brutal burn about Faye’s fading looks.  They’re gonna meet under the bleachers after school to settle this once and for all.  No teachers.

I’m a Perez Hilton fan and read this blog everyday, but sometimes it’s nice to get a (straight) male perspective on the celebrity scene. We’ll see if the TV show lives up to the hype!

Posted by Julie