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Color Me Cat-Crazy

Color Me Cat-Crazy

Images edited with CatPaint

Let me begin by making one thing clear: I’m a dog person through and through. Cats don’t make me go gaga the way puppies do, but I do consider them by far the weirdest, most fascinating and hilarious species out there. I can’t explain it, but kitty-inspired web memes provide me with endless entertainment. Cats in suits, cats with hats, cats in odd places… you name it, I look at it and can’t stop laughing.

So naturally, when a friend posted a recent Facebook photo with a mysterious cat plopped atop her head, I couldn’t contain myself. The source? CatPaint: a genius iPhone app allowing users to add kitty friends to any picture, any time.

After spending the most rewarding 99 cents of my life, I now find myself taking pictures with kittens in mind. Yes, I snap photos solely to place a fat feline on someone’s shoulder, or to position one in the center of a date’s dinner plate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a self-professed cat person. But being able to quickly add a cat to the top of my nervous black lab’s noggin (at least in still form!) has brought the feline’s life purpose of odd entertainment value to the forefront.

Posted by Mary