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Color Me Crazy, But What’s Pantone?

Color Me Crazy, But What’s Pantone?

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So last week I was sitting at my desk when the office chatter began. “OMG, Pantone released the 2016 Color of the Year! I wait all year for this! It’s SO exciting!” My first thought was “Hold on, did I hear that correctly? Pantene, my go-to shampoo, is in the color picking business now? Where’s the color-conditioner-correlation I’m missing here?”

Upon further investigation, I realized that Pantone is the “world re-owned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries.” With a self-important definition like that it makes me wonder where I have been for the last 26 years?

I missed Marsala last year, Radiant Orchard before that, and then Emerald, Tangerine Tango, and so on and so on. I lived absentmindedly in a world where my choices in fashion, furniture, food and friendships could not be acutely informed by the almighty Pantone authority. It’s safe to assume that my colleagues have clearly benefitted from seeing the world from a more refined palette than I.

Now that I’m on the same wavelength as everybody else, I can finally join the discourse on this year’s choice. Little did I know that 2016 is the first year Pantone has selected the blending of TWO shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity – for the “Color of the Year.” Ahh, a 2-for-1 special, seems like I got in the color game at the right time! As a newbie, many thoughts crossed my mind. How does an arbitrary adjective get the top color billing? Who is the authority that appoints the authority on color supremacy? Are we running out of colors if we had to blend two? Seems to me like we opened Pandora’s box this year…

All jokes aside, the selection process is a rather serious business and a lot of thought, even on the political and philosophical levels, goes into making the decision. For instance, the blending of Serenity and Rose Quartz is supposed to represent the gender blur of color in fashion, and on a larger scale, a societal movement towards gender equality and sexual fluidity. At first a skeptic, I can now get behind Pantone recognizing the fact that my future spawn does not have to be wrapped in strictly a pink or blue blanket when he or she enters this world. Progress by way of color! Who knew?

I, now, will proudly join the throngs of my co-workers celebrating 2017 picks next year, and I couldn’t be more eager to hear what’s next. My money’s on Coquelicot, Amaranth or Xanadu. Who’s with me?!


Posted by Anne G