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“Please silence your cell phone”: the pre-movie reminder that we have all heard countless times. But, in a time when you can walk into a clothing store and immediately get sale notifications straight to your phone or interact with customer service reps over Twitter instead of waiting on hold for 20 minutes, it only seemed inevitable for movie theaters to get in on the social engagement action.

Twitter recently announced its partnership with National CineMedia to bring Twitter and Vine to the big screen. Theaters affiliated with NCM will begin running a 1-minute weekly show focused on trending movie and entertainment content from Twitter and Vine. Movie-goers will be encouraged to interact via hashtags, and some audience tweets could be featured on the screen.

“Twitter has become an amazing barometer of movie trends, and this new show will take theater audiences beyond the red-carpet for an original look inside the world of movies,” said Cliff Marks of NCM Media Networks.

If you haven’t yet solidified your “Vine celeb” status, now is the time to start working on it. Who knows – your Vine could show up in theaters across the country! So, starting this summer, expect to see your local big screen requesting that you turn ON your phone.

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