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Talk About Munchies! Cooking with Cannabis

Talk About Munchies! Cooking with Cannabis

A friend of mine recently called on a Sunday morning to fill me in on her Saturday night antics, rambling on and on about a new cocktail infusion her cousin came up with…Potka, aka pot-infused vodka. Apparently tasted quite unpleasant and medicinal, but the ‘side effects’ were worth it. Dismissing her as a silly lush — “can’t you just smoke a joint and slug a martini like the rest of us!” — little did I know that this amateur mixology experiment was part of a larger and legit culinary trend, at least according to a recent report by the Associated Press, ‘Grass-infused Gourmet’.

Denver-based medical marijuana shop, Ganja Gourmet, has been fine-tuning their arsenal of pot recipes well beyond the tried and true brownie…churning out cannabis-style lasagna, hummus and pizza. Also in Denver, Mile High City is planning on offering classes on creating pot-based, multi-course meals, and  SoCal’s KJLA features “Cannabis Planet” TV segments, live-action instructing on cooking with pot.

The culinary technique at the base of cannabis cooking is quite interesting — separating the THC from the pot, which then bonds naturally with fats and oils, sifting out any green flakes and eventually turning it all into “cannabutter”. The cannabutter is used as the base of these recipes and, apparently, 2 tbs of the ingredient packs a punch the equivalent of a full ounce of weed!

However, as interesting as I find this trend, I can’t help but dismiss these chefs and diners as a bunch of overgrown college burnouts. Who needs to spend this much time and energy getting high?! Just get stoned and go out for a nice meal, for god’s sake — why do they have to be all rolled up into one? One of the chefs states that the cannabutter does give a greenish tint and earthy taste to the food, but it is easily masked by garlic and other spices. That’s just the point…pot doesn’t taste good in food, it just makes you think the food tastes better!

On a final note…one of the problems with this new cannabis culinary craze is diners overdoing it. Ganja Gourmet limits their diners to one entrée every 45 minutes. Ha, what is wrong with this picture!? A bunch of stoners on a restricted diet…I don’t think so.

Posted by Sam