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Copenhagen Takes The Gold

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Copenhagen Takes The Gold

Image Source: Lonely Planet 

It is safe to say that Lonely Planet nailed it on the head by ranking Copenhagen, Denmark the number one city to travel to in 2019.

I had the opportunity to experience Copenhagen firsthand during fall of 2018 while studying abroad there for four memorable months. It’s safe to say the city stole my heart and will forever have a part of me. Let me tell you why Lonely Planet got this one so right when they choose to rank this city as number one.

Well for starters, do you like to eat a LOT of delicious food but also enjoy being active? I will let you in on a little secret of mine: you can do both in Copenhagen. The city is crawling with incredible restaurants and street food. It is nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but if you are looking for a food experience, then Reffen is for you! It is the new urban playground filled with endless food stalls to indulge in while soaking up the funky culture and beautiful views from across the harbor. It is one of those places you must see for yourself to appreciate it.

Tp stay active, biking is key. In Copenhagen EVERYONE bikes. Babies, kids, moms, dads, and older folks, you name it. Well, the babies technically don’t bike — instead, they ride first class on cargo bikes — but you get the point. It’s not only climate-friendly and healthy, but so much fun. The bicyclist traffic is something that only those who visit Copenhagen will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

Don’t worry though, if indulging in delicious food and biking isn’t for you, there is always the GoBoats or Tivoli Gardens. By renting a GoBoat you can be the captain of your very own solar-powered picnic boat around the Copenhagen Harbor and canals. Be sure to bring your picnic of choice to make this experience that much sweeter.

Last, but not least, the famous Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park that Walt Disney himself used for inspiration in creating his own magical amusement parks. You cannot visit Copenhagen and leave without seeing Tivoli — it’s a must. It’s a place where adults get to become kids again, and kids get to be kids.

So, what’s next? Take a risk, buy a ticket to Copenhagen, and find out for yourself why Lonely Planet gave Copenhagen the gold medal of destinations! I promise you won’t regret it.

Posted by Danielle