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Countdown to Clean Hands marlo marketing

Countdown to Clean Hands

Image Source: Apple c/o Business Insider

Since we entered the Covid-19 era of work from home, only leave the house if you need to, always wear a face mask and don’t you dare forget to wash your hands, I’ve been on the lookout for interesting and innovative ways marketers are keeping their brands top of mind as many non-essential businesses remain closed or are dealing with restrictions.

Since mid-March, we’ve watched businesses struggle to make up their losses — retailers who typically rely on foot traffic have introduced online sales, restaurants who normally profit from dine-in have offered takeout and delivery, etc. We’ve also seen some brands go completely quiet, unsure of what to do next and how to adjust to the “new normal.”

As a consumer, I find it most interesting when brands can take their existing products and tweak them slightly to better suit our life as it is today. Apple, for example, released a statement that the newest watch update will include an automatic handwashing timer. Scheduled to launch later this year, the Apple Watch will be able to detect the sound and movement of you watching your hands and will vibrate and set a timer for 20 seconds (the CDC’s recommended time to most effectively reduce the spread of germs).

Did I ever think I’d be excited for a handwashing timer on my watch? No. Am I excited for the update? Absolutely. Not only is this the perfect way to remember to wash your hands for long enough (20 seconds is longer than you think!) but as a marketer, it’s incredible to see such a necessary, yet simple, application added to a product so many of us use on a daily basis.

What will they come up with next?!

Posted by Julia