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Valentine’s Day Greetings, Courtesy of the Shore

Valentine’s Day Greetings, Courtesy of the Shore

This Valentine’s Day, show the guido or guidette you’re vibin’ how much you care with a video e-card, brought to you by those lovable tools of “Jersey Shore.” The mildly humorous video features an Ed Hardy-clad Pauly D in all of his spiky-haired, fake-tanned glory, wishing the lucky recipient a happy V-Day.

It’s the next best gift to a day of GTL (gym, tan, laundry), the height of pampering and luxury on the shore. Just be careful – the Rhode Island DJ warns that if your girl is hot, he might have to show her his pierced… well, let’s just call it a Prince Albert. And they say chivalry is dead!

A piece of advice: I don’t recommend sending this gem to anyone you hope to look in the eye again. Unless you’re hoping to get some nookie from Snooki, stick to traditional favorites like flowers and chocolate. These gifts may be a bit tired, but at least they won’t lead to a boardwalk-style brawl.

Posted by Abby