CoverGirl’s Message Of Equality Continues

The same day we were all reeling from the election results, many of us feeling despair and hopelessness for this country, I was reminded that there are still so many people and companies working to make our country and this world a better and more inclusive place.

In all the news of people feeling hurt, unexpected results and what it meant for our future, I saw one story on several news sites that I read as a powerful message regardless of what candidate was elected into office; CoverGirl announcing this month that they were signing on their first ambassador in a Hijab, Nura Afia, to be a part of their new #LashEquality Campaign.







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This announcement comes just three weeks after the brand named their first cover boy, James Charles. As silly as it might be, what is simply a beauty brand is giving me (and hopefully others) faith that we can still move forward and give hope to all little girls and boys that they can accomplish their dreams regardless of what they might be or who they are.







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