Crabby Vending Machines

Leave it to the Chinese to invent something as bizarre as this. Yes, what you are looking at to your right is a vending machine full of LIVE crabs! The machine is kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, which sends the crabs into a state of hibernation making them unable to move. But once your 120 to 600 yen ($1.30 to $7.40) is deposited, your crab will come back to life in a warmer setting. All crabs are advertised as being fresh, but on the off chance that one of the crabs you receive is dead upon arrival, you are treated to a complimentary 3 free crabs. I don’t know about you, but this just doesn’t sit right with me or my stomach…

Check out a video of this vending machine in action!

Posted by Mike

Posted By: marlo marketing

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