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Credit Check

Credit Check

Like most 20-somethings living in Boston I was a member of a gym up until recently. We live in a very active city and whether you’re conscious of it or not, whether you’re a member and where you’re a member means a lot. Over the last few weeks my roommates have been looking to fill my room as I get ready to take the plunge and move in with a boy (scary, I know) and the first thing prospective roommates ask, after inquiring about the rent, is where do you guys to go the gym?

And the answers are telling. My roommates and I are all (or have been) Gold’s girls. Admittedly, it’s not the cleanest gym, the equipment doesn’t always work and cancelling (which I can now vouch for) is a Grade A b*tch but it’s only three blocks from our apartment and at $50/month it beats the pants off of BSC, Equinox, Healthworks, BAC and many other niche gyms like Barry’s, Flywheel, George Forman, etc. Nothing against the specialty gyms but unless we could get down with going back to eating ramen nightly (which would probably negate the positive effects of the gym) a fancy gym membership + rent + utilities + daily living expenses = something none of us can afford.

So it’s become a game of ours, after a prospective ‘new me’ (not that I could ever actually be replaced, natch) comes to see the apartment, to speculate how much she makes based on a combination of where she goes to the gym and how much she’d be paying monthly in rent.

If a girl is 21-25, is a member at Equinox and can pay our rent on time she’s a

I know this sounds a bit cray but we consider it our version of a credit check. So if any of you out there are interested in a single bedroom in a three room apartment with backyard and deck access please only apply if you’re a BSC member or higher (I’m looking at you, George Foreman folks).

Posted by Gillian