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Credit or…Credit?

Credit or…Credit?

The days of board games have definitely gone down the drain. Life, Sorry! and other old family favorites have been replaced with Wii, the internet, and reality TV shows. Hasbro has been campaigning (fruitlessly?) over the past few years to promote a “Family Game Night” under the auspices of encouraging family time although, let’s be honest about their real motivation: re-vamping game sales.

I don’t know the last time my whole family was together for a meal, let alone some good old fashioned fun around the fire with some cards or checkers. But on the rare occasion that I do play a game of Scrabble with my parents, it’s usually in the spirit of Christmas (brownie points with Old Saint Nick are a good investment any time of year!). However, as a child I did have two favorite board games. The first was The Dating Game, because it came with a pink cell phone that called boys — and the boys always had something nice to say. The second was Monopoly, because you got to play with money. So much for that…

In its efforts to reach the modern family, Hasbro and Parker Brothers have taken Monopoly plastic. Announced last February, the new game — complete with credit cards — is hitting shelves as we speak.  In the new-and-improved Monopoly, Monopoly: Revolution Edition, each player gets a fake Visa debit card and calculator that keeps track of all purchases. Not only will you never run out of money, now you don’t have to worry about the banker (aka your brother) stealing cash on your bathroom break. Other improvements (?) include higher property taxes and a new cell phone playing piece.

Now, I loved the old Monopoly, but I can totally relate to the new one. Heck, I haven’t even seen paper money in my wallet since Christmas (thank you, Scrabble). Not only has Hasbro found a way to appeal to the modern family, they have also found a way to impart lessons of good credit and fiscal responsibility to tweens! Now, kids can hit the ground running when they receive their first real credit card. The only negative: if this version of Monopoly had been invented when I was a teen, my parents would have caught wind of my spending habits earlier and I’d probably still be without my own real plastic today!

Posted by Hannah