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Creepy Cookware

Creepy Cookware

The hutch in my kitchen is a hodge-podge of dishware, plastic sorority letter cups and wine/beer glasses I’ve collected over the years. There’s not really a rhyme or reason to it and, for where I am in my life and cooking needs at present, that’s just the way I like it. This open-minded attitude I have toward kitchen accessories does not, however, extend to Christine Chin’s Sentient Kitchen project, a line of kitchen supplies that integrate human organs. Designed to “offer a non-threatening environment to explore the benefits of smarter, more sensitive solutions to our daily dining needs,” the hybrid products include a salt shaker with protruding tongue, an eye-lidded sugar pot and a milk jug peppered with nipples.

Call me crazy, but my sentient being is screaming RUN AWAY FROM FOOD/SEASONING COVERED IN HAIR AND SKIN!!!

Posted by Abby