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Crochet Couture

Crochet Couture

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Huffington Post recently posted an article about a girl who is totally after my heart. Let me count the ways:

  1. AShe crocheted her own wedding dress. I am such a DIY aspirer but can never get my shit together. I read all the blogs, buy the materials, get started, and lose patience about 45 seconds later. I’ve never crocheted, but I did knit a damn good Harry Potter colored scarf in high school. You’re welcome for that Christmas present, Pat.
  2. Said crocheted wedding dress cost $30. Total. Much like how the concept of DIY gets me going, so does frugality and saving a penny or two. Two-for-one floss at CVS? Just made my day. And if you can damn the man and save money while planning a wedding in this billion dollar industry, more power to you. We definitely got crafty and saved a few bucks at our wedding; however, our idea to skip the salad course didn’t exactly fly with the mothers…I hope you all enjoyed that $12 lettuce.
  3. She did it during her bus commute. Talk about multitasking. I can’t even look at my phone on the bus without getting car sick. Also a bold move to make a white dress on public transportation – hope it didn’t touch any mystery puddles.
  4. Lace. Give me all the lace. Any lace, anywhere, I’ll wear it.

Watch this video time-lapse of the crocheted dress. Any mm/c future brides up for the challenge (ahem, Erin)?? I’ll help! (for about 45 seconds…)

Posted by Amanda