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Crowning America’s Favorite Pair: Burgers and Beer

Crowning America’s Favorite Pair: Burgers and Beer

Image Source: Burger King via Delish

There’s probably nothing more American than burgers and beer. To help you show your patriotism, Burger King is running a limited-time promotion combining the two through a partnership with Budweiser. The “Freedom Crown” literally brings burgers and beer together in a crown. That you can wear. On your head. Just take a look:

I don’t know why you would want a burger on your head, but to each his own. The “Freedom Crown,” with its stars and stripes (forever) and bald eagle design, holds a 12-ounce beer on one side and a quarter pound American Brewhouse King Sandwich on the other. I guess they balance each other out so you don’t tip over while you’re not eating the burger but just wearing it as a fashion accessory. (However, you can drink the beer while it’s on your head – it comes with a straw!).

To celebrate the partnership, Burger King and Budweiser threw it back to 2000 with a remake of the infamous Budweiser “Whassup!” commercial – with a new twist:

Video Source: Youtube

While you can’t get a Bud at Burger King, for a limited time this summer, guests over 21 can get the “Freedom Crown” and American Brewhouse King Burger for the low price of $6.19. I think that’s probably a reasonable price for a burger and an Instagram photo opp.

Posted by Sylvie