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Crystal Healing 101

Crystal Healing 101

I’m all about pretty with a purpose. From eco-friendly natural beauty products to cute clothing with a conscience, I can’t help but be drawn towards items that truly make a difference long after a shopping spree. That’s why I’ve recently become obsessed with lifestyle brands that marry crystal healing and gorgeous jewelry to help create balance and fulfillment. Through the healing powers of gemstones and crystals, each piece of jewelry is mindfully crafted to help us break through barriers, achieve clarity, and find balance.

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of crystal healing and think I’m just a looney babbling about nonsense, think again. Crystal healing stems from the concept of using crystals as a tool to help you become more grounded and connected to the earth. Since crystals are grown from the earth, when they are placed on the body, they help you to breathe deeper and to become more relaxed and centered. When you are relaxed, calm and thinking clear, you are able to make better decisions and life becomes easier.

Nature’s energy is very grounding. Placing your bare feet in the grass or your back against the solid foundation of a tree just feels good. You feel nurtured. The same is true when you place crystals on your body: you feel nurtured and good. And to feel is to heal.

Still doubting me? Almost every ancient civilization used crystals in some way – whether it was for spiritual growth, as amulets for protection or as adornment for beauty. The use of crystals for healing is documented as far back as 1500 B.C, in the Ebers Papyrus from Egypt. On a scientific level, everything in the world, both invisible and visible, constantly vibrates. All particles of matter, from the tiniest atom to the mightiest planet, are in a constant state of vibration. Every thought, every word and every physical action produces a vibration, on a molecular level, which in turn affects every object in its path.

In my personal opinion, it’s really the mind that has the power to help us heal. The mind is what controls us – until we are able to train ourselves, through methods like meditation and crystal healing, to no longer let it control us. But, what I’ve recently discovered is that there are really three minds that exist: our negative mind, our positive mind and our neutral mind. The first mind that emerges in most of us is the negative mind, which is the way in which we protect ourselves. When this aspect of the mind dominates our life, we become depressed and negative. This is where crystals come in handy; Quartz crystal is a powerful meditation tool, helping you to stay focused on your breath and bring you the ability to expand your mind. We must always remember that the heart is the boss and the head is the employee. Crystals are a tool to help you quiet your mind and bring you to this state of a connected center.

Crystal Healing can help anyone who wants to feel, heal and quiet the constant chatter of the mind. Each crystal has different energies and properties to help bring you whatever you are looking for at that given moment. Here are some examples:

Love & Romance

Rose quartz is a stone of love that helps to open your heart and connect to the energy of love.

Spirituality & Faith

Amethyst cleanses the aura and attracts new positive energy into your life.

Wealth & Success

Citrine is the stone of abundance, happiness, opportunity and light.

Health & Performance

Turquoise is a master healing stone that helps to strengthen the entire body.

Passion & Creativity

Carnelian enhances creativity, joy and pleasure, encouraging you to express yourself.

Balance & Focus

Hematine is a grounding stone that absorbs and transmutes negative energy, providing a shield of protection around your body.

New Beginnings

Quartz crystal brings clarity, light and healing. It also activates and aligns the energy centers in your body.

In attempt to ease myself into this practice of self-healing, I recently purchased a Chakra Healing Bag to try my own version of crystal healing. It combines seven crystals to balance and align the seven chakra centers. So if you want to start your journey as well, get a few healing crystals that meet your needs from any vendor you feel comfortable with, lay down on your back with your feet uncrossed and place each of the crystals on the chakra that it is linked to. Once you begin to feel comfortable, and the crystals begin to feel comfortable, start to breathe deeply. The more you breathe, the more you connect with your body and with your heart—and so your journey to personal awareness begins. You can arrange a variety of stones on your body in specific combinations, but this is a simple technique that everyone can do. Hope it helps you find peace, balance and happiness!

Posted by Zein