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Cup O Beer & Pringles

Cup O Beer & Pringles

Image Sources Food & Wine and Cosmo

Did you really go to college if you didn’t eat at least one Cup O’ Noodles? The simplicity and ease of microwaving those instant noodles really did hit the spot at 3AM or as a substitute for Mom’s chicken noodle soup. If it wasn’t for all that salt, I’d probably still be eating out of those white cups!

Well readers, there’s a way to enjoy the taste of those noodles without the microwave!

Curtesy of Texas-based Collective Brewing Project and Pringles, there is now a beer and chip product that highlight the nostalgic flavors that might still make your mouth water today.

Unfortunately, the Cup O Beer was only available for a limited release starting on June 10. But if you’re planning on visiting Texas there might still be some left to try at the Collective’s Forth Worth draft room.

If not, don’t fret, as you can still find the Top Ramen Pringles at the Dollar General stores where they are exclusively available for about $1.50 a can.

Think I might have just found my new favorite late-night snack!

Posted by Christina V.