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Curb the Crash

Curb the Crash

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, the jingle bell rock, and…dieting. Admit it, in an effort to cancel out those Thanksgiving lbs. and preemptively lose the 10 you fear you’ll gain at Christmas, you’ve become a gym rat. You consume carrots and clementines and coffee—lots of coffee. And, you’re a total bitch.

We’ve all been there, Atkins, 5-Factor, Dukan, and suddenly, we become short, snappy, and mean. Nothing cheerful about that. Well, whatever you’re (not) doing, here’s some BREAKING NEWS out of New York: Dieting makes you depressed.

You can imagine my intrigue when I read this headline. Have they suddenly found some kind of revolutionary concept to explain why I want to push random strangers in front of a bus when I’m unable to eat a loaf of bread? Of course not.  Enter the most obvious answer: crash diets don’t give us the shit we need to function! According to Dr. Louis Aronne, one of the country’s leading weight loss specialists, being crazy with food only hurts us. “They are not getting enough carbohydrates for example…This can directly affect the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain which produce a feeling of well-being.”

Sidenote: This “duh” moment brought to you by MSNBC.

Do yourselves a favor: everything in moderation, skip the fad diets, and twice daily trips to the gym. A couple extra pounds may make you happier after all…and MORE tolerable to be around!

Posted by Haley