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What’s the Best Way to Cut Down on Plastic Bag Use? Make Them Illegal!

What’s the Best Way to Cut Down on Plastic Bag Use? Make Them Illegal!

Open up anyone’s below-the-kitchen-sink cabinet and you’re bound to find a shame-inducing collection of plastic bags. As a big proponent of using reusable grocery bags, I find myself buying a new set of bags each time I go to the store because I’ve forgotten mine at home. While this has resulted in a reusable bag collection that rivals my plastic bag collection (the lesser of two evils, right?), there are still times when it seems like the only choice is “go plastic, or go home.” Not to discount Kant and his theory of individual self-determination (I can always say “no” to the plastic bag-happy CVS employee who triple-bags my single bottle of shampoo), but I can’t help but to think there’s an easier (albeit, lazier and less personally responsible) way to alleviate my problems with plastic bags. The solution may lie in California’s trailblazing ban on plastic bags.

Just last week, the California Assembly voted 41-27 to pass a bill that would ban single-use plastic grocery bags, forcing customers to bring their own reusable bags or pay $0.05 to buy a recycled bag at checkout. The Governator himself has indicated that he would sign the bill into law if it passed next through the Senate, which is expected. The bill, which is supported by both environmentalists and big business alike, hopes to cut down the number of plastic bags used by Californians each year, which currently clocks in at a staggering 19 billion total — about 552 per person.

A welcome relief to marine animals and lazy environmentalists like me, this proposed ban may be just what we need.

Posted by Amelia