Cut The Cake!

The cake is one of the best parts of a wedding because let’s face it, everyone loves dessert. Guests may not remember your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but they’ll definitely remember how good (or how bad) your cake looked and tasted.

As I begin to plan my own wedding and make decisions on flowers, linens and of course, the cake, one of my bridesmaids sent me this link in an e-mail titled, “Please don’t do this…”

There’s bridezillas and then there’s just weirdos. I think this bride falls closer to the latter. She had a five-foot cake designed to resemble her on her wedding day — we’re talking jewelry, bouquet, and dress embroidery… the whole shebang baked up in frosting and flour!

But if you want your wedding guests eating a butterscotch version of your face, this, my fellow brides-to-be, could be the wedding cake for you!

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