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Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord

Image source: Quartz

These days more and more people seem to be moving away from cable. Each time one of my friends moves to a new apartment, they are forgoing cable in favor of streaming services. Through devices such as the Roku, Apple TV and Chrome Cast, we have access to all we need. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO — they are all easily accessible with these devices.

Soon there will be a new addition to this club: Facebook. The social networking site, you say? Yep, the one and only! For a few years now, Facebook has been investing in video, which Zuckerberg says is the future of the company. The social networking giant was able to poach Rickey Van Veen, cofounder of CollegeHumor, in mid-2016 to start work as head of global creative strategy. And on February 8th, it was announced that Facebook succeeded in acquiring an MTV exec to join their team. Mina Lefevre, former head of scripted development for MTV, broke the news (on Facebook, no less!) that she was joining the Facebook team as head of development.

What does the addition of an MTV executive to the Facebook team mean? Get ready for cable ratings to plunge further than they already are. With more and more apps getting into the video realm, it is getting harder for traditional forms of media to compete. But Facebook isn’t the only social media site to throw its hat into the ring – Snapchat has ambitions for the TV-style realm as well.

Just think: we may truly be experiencing the beginning of the end of traditional broadcast media. Just like gas-lit lamps gave way to electricity and radio led to the television, so too could we see social media sites turn into streaming services and replace cable as the go-to method of visual enjoyment.


Posted by Jen