Dammit Joe

Unless you’ve literally been living under a rock (with no wifi), you know that politics in America are messier than ever right now. Once the fear of Trump started to die down, the fear of his right hand, ring-winged man, Pence really got us shaking in our boots. In this time of uncertainty and crisis, we did what we do best as Americans…we made memes.

Let’s be real, the Donald-Mike relationship will never be the bromance that the Barack-Biden duo grew into. So let’s take a moment to laugh and reminisce over the good times before our country turns to s^%t.











Image source HipHopWired.com














Image source Twitter















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I know the majority might not agree, but I’m sure going to miss the current leaders in office. Something tells me the new men in charge won’t have the same bromance that we all can admire…
















Image source Instagram

We’re doomed.




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