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Dave’s Saves.

Dave’s Saves.

No offense to good old Chuck Tufts, but he didn’t exactly pick a gem of a city to settle my alma mater. He couldn’t even decide on one damn zip code (Tufts conveniently straddles both Medford and Somerville, so, 10 am yoga can be in one town and 3 pm biophysics can be in the other…and the buildings no more than fifty yards apart.) On the east, our campus is flanked by grimy pizza joints and decrepit split level housing projects, while on the west, visitors will observe….the same…as well as the occasional whiff of the scenic Mystic River (which, if you’ve seen the movie, is essentially an underwater dumping ground…for dead bodies).

If that doesn’t make you wanna shell out $50K (b-t-dubs, if you didn’t see it on the news a few months ago, Tufts is the most expensive university in Massachusetts), then I don’t know what will! So, how do the Jumbo youth get by, you ask? Two words: Dave’s Fresh, also known as Dave’s Fresh Pasta, a deli-catering, pasta-making gold mine located at 81 Holland Ave in Somerville.

Dave himself is a hippie at heart, always selling the freshest local ingredients you can find and supporting local farmers throughout New England. In addition, Dave extends his free love to all his customers, as there are always samples of all the best goodies: moist mascarpone, authentic jamon serrano, and thick homemade hummus.

While it started as a pasta-making business (pasta is always made fresh to order – holy pumpkin ravioli!), Dave’s Fresh has since expanded to offer everything from weekly beer and wine tastings, to specialty South American chocolates, to home-made tapas platters and specialty spreads, to local produce, to meats and cheeses from all corners of the globe. No matter what you get, though, you can guarantee it’s going to tickle taste buds you never even knew you had.

Dave’s mostly rakes it in during the lunch business — the sexy stoners that assemble your sandwich are an added bonus for the throngs of awkward Tufts freshman girls…and boys…alike — I recommend the Caprese Sandwich with prosciutto on pane rustico, pressed, if you can remember all that Italian!

Dave’s Fresh proves that food made with love — special hippie love, that is — is the only food worth eating. So the next time you’re driving through Somerville, resist the urge to grimace at the sight of the Davis Square drunks and their baby mamas. Instead, pull in to Dave’s for some psychedelic sandwich satiation. Visit for more info.

Posted by Liza